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Been operating since 2001, nr KRS 0000053663. The share capital of 100,000 €. Debt collection for conducting business and individuals, each case is treated individually. For each job submitted to us is approached professionally, at any stage of the case we work with full commitment and attention to the subject of the order. The methods of action against the debtor are selected depending on the circumstances of the creation of debt, financial situation and the documents proving the existence of a claim. But in any case, we base on direct contact with the debtor and mediation. Thus, our action is to reach the debtor's assets and accounts receivable recovery in the shortest possible time. We use all possible means to implement them. We employ people with experience in recovery, acting flexibly, depending on the situation. Each case is executed from start to finish by an experienced employee. All activities are conducted in accordance with applicable law. We apply the requirements of the Law on the Protection of personal data. We offer cooperation without incurring the fixed costs of recovery, subject only to the bill dealt with positively. In good faith, accept the claim indisputability relying solely on the documentation supplied to us.
One-stop claims.
Recovery of the arbitration court.
Formalized in a written contact.
Direct contact.
Contact us to intervene in the premises of the debtor.
2. Recovery of "hard" courts.
Obtaining a court order for payment above.
Obtaining Enforcement.
Enforcement bailiff.
3. Preventive economic intelligence.
Obtaining information on economic entities and individuals.
Other zlecone information.
4. Organization of compensation.
The assignment of claims for compensation claims between the companies.
The full range of recovery operations in the neighboring countries of the foreign company and law office that specializes in legal actions in the given country.
6. The sale of receivables and interest.
Assignment of claims.
Issue of debts at auction.
Sale of interest.
7. Conversion of debt.
Negotiations to amend the form of repayment
PU-H is also UNIWERS redemption claims.
Free issue documented claims of our clients for sale.
Do not use a rigid pricing, do not charge initial fees and handling.
The commission is calculated from the amounts recovered under the contract concluded. Settle with the commission taking the originator of the size of the debt amount and the period of past claims, but not less than 250 PLN, the amount of commission is negotiated individually for each case submitted to us.
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